“Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do, but how much love we put into action.”

-Mother Teresa


Personal responsibility -> Empowerment

Respect for all Life -> Kindness

Dedication to Thriving -> Contribution

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Pamela Malone


Pamela’s Life Work

Following her passion, Pamela created a beautiful Waldorf-inspired playgroup for early childhood where she has devoted herself to giving the children a stimulating and nurturing environment for more than 15 years. It is especially important to Pamela that the children in her care feel loved and happy, as in many cases, it is their first experience spending extensive time away from home.

Summer Play Group

Pamela currently offers a summer play group for young children, ages 3 to 5. This enriching program provides the children with a wide variety of wonder-filled opportunities for social interaction, imaginative play, creative activities, and reverence for nature. The children are unfolding their foundational abilities and potentials as they are given the nurturing environment to explore, improvise, imagine, and create. Older children, even those in their teens, who attended Pamela’s play group when they were younger, have often requested to spend a day or two spending time with the children in her play group. Rekindling their fond memories, they enjoy giving to the children in a way that they remember receiving from Pamela.

Pamela’s Training
and Core Focus

In addition to her training as a Waldorf Preschool and Kindergarten teacher, Pamela is also certified as an Advanced Nurtured Heart Trainer. She creatively synthesizes her extensive knowledge and wide range of experiences as she works to nurture the children’s self-esteem and bring forth their potentials. Pamela has internalized the Nurtured Heart approach which emphasizes: 1) Not energizing the negative, 2) Actively recognizing the positive things children do and their positive qualities, and 3) Being clear and consistent about the rules and boundaries. Pamela’s core focus is that each child will recognize their innate value and that they have so much to contribute.

Pamela has repeatedly seen first-hand the incredible results of affirming the children’s special gifts and qualities. She has learned, through many years of practice, to become a detailed observer of the best qualities and abilities in the children (and in their parents as well). She has witnessed that relating to the children in this way develops their confidence, self-esteem, courage to face life’s challenges, and their life-long ability to make real breakthroughs in self- development and creative endeavors.

Offering Parenting
Workshops and Counseling

Pamela has been counseling parents, giving support and helpful techniques for many years. Utilizing the Nurtured Heart approach, her Waldorf training, and her years of experience, she is currently creating Parenting Workshops, designed to help parents find their way out of patterns that aren’t working for them by establishing effective and fulfilling rhythms that enable them to bring the best out in their children.

A mother of four, Pamela is aware that being a parent is not always easy, and that often we wished our children were born with a map to guide us. In these workshops, she will offer parents inspiring and rich approaches to being a compassionate and effective parent – a parent that their children will, as adults, gratefully look back upon with deep appreciation.

Summer Play Group

June 5th –July 26th
Every Mon, Tues, Wed, 8:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Price: $120 weekly
(sliding-scale available for financial hardship)

  • Greeting: each child greeted personally
  • Free form play outdoors
  • Good morning outdoor circle with song
  • Indoor morning art project at the table: clay, drawing, cooking
  • Open play time: encouraging imagination with blocks, dress-up, silks, stones, wood, magical castle play house, kitchen, store, books, doll babies, horses and other animals, tea parties
  • Sing clean-up song
  • Indoor circle with finger games and seasonal songs
  • Healthy snack
  • Outside play: exploring nature, gardening, water play, swings, climbing, sand play
  • Indoor story time
  • Lunch: blessing song, eating together with crowns on straight
  • Time to go home with goodbye song


Pamela is available for individual and family consulting.

Contact Pamela via email:


“Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier. Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.”

-Mother Teresa


COMING SOON. Stay tuned for info & details!


Exploring and Learning together from the comfort of home – enriching  connections with parents from all over the world! Guest offerings, open table discussions, parenting questions & answers – themed based on interest and/or current/relevant events.

Please email Pamela for local schedule and/or for special parenting topics of interest.


“I started going to Pamela’s when I was two years old. She was the first person that my parents left me alone with. This was a big deal then. Pamela or what I like to call her Ms. Pamela is like a second mother to me. Going to her playgroups not only helped me with my social skills, but she helped me grow into a young woman. I’m still friends with a few of the people that I went to playgroup with and we are probably going to be lifelong friends. Even though some teenagers act all “macho” and “cool”, every time they see Pamela they just melt and run over and hug her. I’m still so honored that I still know Pamela.  My mother and I consider Pamela not only a friend, but as a part of our family.”

Nina Kauderer

“We moved to Sedona in 2003. Shortly after we arrived, we enrolled my youngest son, Kai, in Pamela’s first play group. She was so nurturing and knew exactly how to guide the children in a harmonizing way. Within a couple of months, I had the opportunity to be her assistant at the play group. What I learned from Miss Pamela was priceless. As a young mother, I applied what I learned at home with my children. Kai is now 17 years old and is a well-balanced young man. I owe much of that to Pamela. She brings a beautiful gift to our community!”

Giselle Collette

“My daughter, Nina, attended Pamela’s Play Group for almost three years. This was Nina’s first experience away from me and her close family, and it was vital that this first introduction to the outside world be positive and nurturing for her. When I went to pick Nina up, she was happy, excited, and eager to return the following day.

With Pamela’s influence, Nina developed reverence for meals, manners, caring for others, and caring for animals. Pamela has a way of making the ordinary extraordinary and rich. It becomes impossible to take things for granted around Pamela. Even at such a young age, Nina began seeing the specialness in so many things and remarking about it – and heart-fully singing about it too!. I’m so grateful to Pamela for the development of Nina’s openness to people and to new experiences.

Pamela is one of the most generous, thoughtful, and kind people I have ever met. I also deeply admire her talent. Nina learned so many skills from her without being aware she was being taught: cleaning up after herself, being considerate of others and her environment, desiring to help others, and appreciating what people do for her. Pamela is poised. And I saw this refinement transmitted to Nina, just from Pamela’s example. I attribute many of Nina’s skills and grace as a caring young lady to her exposure to Pamela.

Pamela truly was one of the most important people in Nina’s life. I never had to coerce Nina to go to Pamela’s play group. She longed to go there. To this day, Nina who is now 16, loves to take time to be with Pamela. I observed that Pamela develops this deep heart connection to every one of her children in her play groups.”

Sagara Sanchez-Reinoso


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